We have a range of buffets to choose from for your event, take your pick of which you would like, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Then choose your optional items, 3 choices from the Bronze menu, 5 from the Silver menu or 7 from the Gold.

Once decided you can either come to the pub to let us know or get in touch to via email or telephone to arrange your event.


Bronze Buffet £6.95 per person

Platter of mixed sandwiches: Tuna Mayonnaise, Home-cooked Ham, Cheddar Cheese

Plus your choice of THREE of the following items:

Spring Rolls (V) \ Breaded Garlic Mushrooms (V) \ Sausage Rolls

Chicken Drumsticks \ Mixed Salad (V) \ Chips (V)


Silver Buffet £8.95 per person

Platter of sandwiches: Chicken Mayonnaise, Cheddar Cheese & Pickle, Tuna Mayonnaise with Red Onion

Plus your choice of FIVE of the following items:

Mixed Salad (V) \ Potato Salad (V) \ Breaded Garlic Mushrooms (V) \ Hummus & Crudités (V)

Sausage Rolls )\ Chicken Drumsticks \ Pork Pies \ Potato Wedges (V) \ Quiche \ Chips (V)


Gold Buffet £9.95 per person

Platter of open sandwiches:

Home-cooked Ham & Whole-grain Mustard, Wensleydale Cheese & Chutney, Prawn Marie Rose

Plus your choice of SEVEN of the following items:

Hummus & Crudités (V) \ QuicheSpring Rolls (V) \ Mixed Salad (V) \ Potato Salad (V) \ Sausage Rolls

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms (V) \ Sausage Rolls\ Chicken Drumsticks  \ Tempura Prawns

Pork Pies) \ Potato Wedges (V)\ Chips (V)


SWEET TREATS from £3.50 per person

Selection of cold desserts and cakes available on request