Jack Rabbit Chardonnay (North America)  £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 (250ml)  

£13.25 (bottle)
Lively and well balanced with citrus and tropical flavours and a crisp refreshing, fruity finish.

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio (Italy)  £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 (250ml)  £13.25 (bottle)
Dry and crisp with flavours of fresh apple. Refreshingly light and vibrant with masses of fruit and flavour.

Fish Hoek Chenin Blanc (South Africa)  £3.80 (175ml)  £4.80 (250ml)  £14.45 (bottle)
Top quality Chenin giving juicy tropical fruit flavours snf s crisp refreshing finish.

Nobilo Orca Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)  £16.75 (bottle)
Intense ripe gooseberry characters blend with warm supple peach and melon flavours. Medium bodied with balanced acidity and a crisp, dry finish.

Victor Berard AC Chablis (France)  £19.95 (bottle)
Floral aromas, lightly smoky with good intensity, balanced and supple with a delicate buttery note. Fresh and lively on the palate.


Canaletto Prosecco (Italy)  £14.95 (bottle)
Fruity, with a rich scent, especially of unripe apples, lemons and grapefruit. It has a pronounced aroma of wisteria in bloom and acacia flowers.


Jack Rabbit Merlot (North America)  £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 (250ml)  £13.25 (bottle)
Smooth and fruity, full of berry flavours and delightfully mellow on the palate.

Jack Rabbit Shiraz (Chile)  £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 (250ml)  £13.25 (bottle)
Rich and spicy with flavours of blackberries, raspberries and violet, balanced with sweet vanilla.

Marqués de la Concordia Crianza, Rioja (Spain)  £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 (250ml)  £13.25 (bottle)
A classy nose of ripe berry fruit well balanced by the use of new oak. The palate is well-knitted together showing great concentration and length.

Chianti DOCG Fontella (Italy)  £16.75 (bottle)
Ruby red, with medium bodied cherry like flavours from the Sangiovese grape.

Victor Berard AC Bourgogne Pinot Noir (France)  £19.95 (bottle)
Clean tasting and fruity with complex aromas of Kirsch (cherry liqueur) mingled with redcurrent. The ideal accompaniment to roast beef, game and cheeses.


Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel (North America) £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 £3.45(250ml)  £13.25 (bottle) 
Full of fresh, strawberry fruit flavours and delightfully mellow on the palate.

Pinot Grigio Rosé Canaletto (Italy) £3.45 (125ml) £4.00 (175ml)  £5.00 £3.45(250ml)  

£13.25 (bottle) 
Attractive coppery colour with intense aromas, citrus fruit overtones and plenty of refreshing flavours.