Burger Nights

Wednesdays  & Thursdays 

The Warrior    £12.5

TWO 8oz patties with coleslaw, jalapeños, crispy onions, crispy bacon, Monterey Jack cheese

The Asian     £9

with 8oz patty, Asian slaw, sriracha sauce, crispy onions

The Mac & Cheese     £9.5

with 8oz patty, mac & cheese, crispy bacon

Rocket Man     £9

with 8oz patty, rocket, jalapeño, Monterey Jack cheese, hot sauce

El Capitano     £9.5

with 8oz patty, chorizo, sour cream, jalapeños, crispy onions

Red Neck     £9.5

with 8oz patty, pulled pork, bbq sauce, onion rings

Yabai     £9.5

with chicken goujons, Asian slaw, spring onions, teriyaki sauce

Buffalo Blue     £9.5

with chicken goujons, buffalo sauce, blue cheese sauce

A taste of Mexico (V)     £9 

which consists of halloumi dusted in cajun spices, grilled and topped with salsa and jalapenos


We also have loaded fries if you wish to accompany your “dirty burger

They will be a basket of our legendary gourmet fries topped with the following:

Pulled pork & BBQ sauce     £6.5

Jalapeños, salsa and cheese     £5.5

Chilli, cheese, sour cream & salsa     £6.5

Black pudding & peppercorn sauce     £6.5

Sour cream, bacon bits & chives     £5.5   

Sriracha, salt & pepper seasoning, crispy onions     £5.5