COVID Secure Guidelines for Re-opening

12th April England (Step 2 on the Roadmap)

  • Pubs can open outdoor areas to guests.
  • Test & trace will still be a requirement. Guests will need to scan either the NHS QR Code or the Marston’s QR Code and we must use best endeavours to ensure guests comply with this.
  • Table service – this means that guests must be seated or order and consume food and drinks (not necessarily at a table – benches and other seating with no table is allowed).
  • We must ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that guests remain seated outdoors whilst consuming food and drink.
  • We can serve seated guests from outdoor bars, but guests cannot go up to order or be served from outdoor bars. Collection points are also not allowed.
  • Guest may sit together in ‘rule of six’, maximum of six people from different households or two households with no limit. This means two large families may sit together
  • The definition of ‘outdoor’, for the purposes of shelters/pods/igloos/gazebos etc. is that at least 50% of the sides must be open to the air. If more than 50% is enclosed, it counts as indoor space and cannot be used until 17th May.
  • Guests can use toilets and baby changing facilities inside and can pass through the pub to access the garden where this is necessary. Face coverings will be required whilst they are inside, and we should keep windows open to maximise ventilation.
  • Front of House team members will be required to wear face coverings unless medically exempt. We should continue to encourage the wearing of the hidden disability lanyard where this is the case.
  • It is our understanding that guests can pay indoors, if they cannot pay outside. If PDQ machines do not work in the garden, one guest wearing a face covering can enter the pub and pay at the till.
  • The ‘substantial meal’ requirement has gone. Guests can have alcoholic drinks without ordering food.
  • Takeaway alcohol sales are permitted but we will need to make sure this is genuine takeaway. Alcohol that will be drunk on the premises is subject to the table service rule.
  • Weddings and wakes for 15 people outside will be permitted

17th May England (Step 3 on the Roadmap)

  • Indoor areas of pubs can be used.
  • Indoors will be table service and guest will be allowed to sit in groups subject to ‘rule of six’ or two households of any size.
  • Unless seated to eat and drink, guests will have to wear face coverings.
  • We believe that test & trace check-in will still be a requirement.
  • Groups of up to 30 from mixed households will be permitted to sit together outside.
  • Weddings, wakes and funerals for up to 30 guests are allowed.

21st June England (Step 4 on the Roadmap)

  • End of most restrictions
  • No limits on weddings, wakes and other events
  • We believe bar service and standing inside will be allowed.